How We Met

We met in a unique way…one of my best friends Sam (she’s under the Our Friends tab) she had a destination wedding and when they got back to MN they had a big reception. At the reception Ryan was there, her and Ryan had gone to college together for EMT / Firefighting and that’s how they met. I’d never heard of Ryan or been introduced to him. At her reception there are pictures of he and I talking and dancing, I don’t remember meeting him since I was there with another friend and also chatting with everyone.

Here’s where it gets fun…he and I were both online ‘looking for love’, so they say, and he sent me a note and when I was going through his profile there was pictures of he and SAM!! Of all things, he knew here! So I immediately started texting her asking for more information about him, if he was creepy or a good guy, what his background was and if I should even message him back. She told me that he’s the sweetest guy that she’s ever know and that I’d be really dumb if I missed this chance to get to know him.

So, I messaged him back, we set up a time to meet. We met at the bar where Sam worked, she was working and could be a buffer if needed…well she wasn’t needed 🙂 He and I have been together ever since and it was the best decision of my life.

Our first real date (without Sam) was to the MN Science Museum, it was a lot of fun and I still have my little ‘ticket’ from the Titanic exhibit sitting in my bible. Shortly after that date I met his family and dogs and we have been married for six years and together just shy of 10.