Our Family

Our little family of three consists of Ryan, myself and our son Hunter (who just turned 3). He is an absolute joy and he is our miracle baby. We’ve always talked about adoption and we want Hunter to grow up with siblings like Ryan and I did, and the Lord had put it on our hearts that this is our adventure to add to our family.

We have 12 nieces and nephews (3-nieces, 9-nephews) and they all live close by, daycare is Grandma 🙂 Hunter goes to daycare with a few cousins so we are always around our family — it seems busy but it’s amazing, there is always a birthday or event that we are going to.

We moved into a new home in January, awesome neighborhood with a lot of parks, kids and the schools are nearby. We have a really big backyard that’s fully fenced in and a HUGE play set – Hunter and all the cousins love playing in the yard. We have four dogs as well who absolutely love the yard! Their names are: Gunner, Tucker, Deuce and Bo <— check out About Ryan to see why we have so many dogs 😉

We have four bedrooms and a big basement for birthday parties, Christmas and to play and relax in. We live on a cul-de-sac and it’s a very quiet neighborhood as far as traffic goes. We are a handful of blocks from one of the high schools so in the fall we can hear the marching band at the football game – Hunter really likes this. We are within walking distance to parks and close enough to hop on the main road and end up at a cousins house in 20 minutes.