Some of Our Favorite Things

Some of our Favorite Family activities:

  • Play at the HUGE park/splash pad by our house
  • Go to the different museums (Science, Children’s…)
  • Watch movies and eat LOTS of popcorn
  • Go on ‘Adventures’ in the backyard with the dogs
  • We LOVE getting messy (paint, play-doh, mud/dirt…)
  • Traveling

Some of our Favorite Foods are:

  • Tacos!! All day every day!
  • Anything breakfast related <— Hunter LOVES to help on the weekends with me, we make eggs and bacon and he’s really good at helping with blueberry muffins (a family staple in our house)
  • Pizza
  • Ribs
  • Gummy Bears <— Hunter could attempt to live off of these if we let him
  • We made/had calamari for time when we were in Oregon this past summer <— it’s a favorite of mine now